com • mon • wealth (noun):
republic; people with common interests; a group of people linked by something they all have in common.

By buying this CD, you join the Commonwealth; 50% of the proceeds from this record will go to culture helpers in Grand Rapids, Michigan. What we have in common is changing. Music is changing. The economy is changing. Culture is changing. Rather than release these songs in a standard way, we are hoping that they will help create a Commonwealth. Members of this Commonwealth take serious interest in the local, we understand who lives in our community, we work towards sustainability, justice, freedom, knowledge, and action; we understand dialogue is stronger than monologue. So, join this commonwealth. Tell people about the record. It's your town, do something.

COMMONWEALTH is more than just our second album: it's a movement. Read more about it by clicking "The Commonwealth" and find out who we are by clicking "The Band." But most of all, we invite you to listen, share and support our music and the Commonwealth.

<a href="">Colter's America by The New Midwest</a>

The New Midwest is: Christopher Smit: Vocals; Michael Van Houten: Drums, Vocals, Keyboards; Jason Hammond: Guitars; David Wilstermann: Bass Guitar; Scott Gordon: Saxophone, Guitar